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July 2014

Capture Remote Is a web-based, online ,Remote Monitoring system,for transfers, electric motors, gearboxes, pumps, fans, rollers, turbines, conveyors, compressors and other mechanical and electro-mechanical equipment.

The heart of the system, the hardware component, is the Remote Data Acquisition System (RDAS) modules; running a real-time operating system (RTOS), and places near the unit to be monitored. The acquired data is then transferred directly to a central location through a commercially available GSM network, using the GPRS service. At the central location, the data is also published on the Web through a dedicated website, for authorized users across the globe.

Capture remote is one in a suite of capture products, from captronic sysyem; the products targeting automated test requiremens, and control and acquisition reequirements, acreoss a diversity of industrie.

Verticals :
  • Power And Utility (Generation, Transmissions, & Distributions)
  • Oil & Gas (Distribution)
  • Aeroscape and Defence
  • Chemicals And Petrochemicals
  • PFA line V-ball control valves sizes ½” up to 6” both ISO and ANSI standard.
  • Other Highly Automated Process Industries.
  • Wireless automation And Controls.
  • Alarm And Notification System
  • Remote Monitoring.
  • Data And Event Logging
  • Machine Communications
Benefit :

The Models Of Capture remote, W2320 and W2420, Offers user tangible benefits, When Compare To Products And Competitions.

  • Capture Remote W2320 is a value priced solutions allow users to monitor even not so expensive but user equipment.
  • Capture Remote w2420 is high performance solutions, offering higher sampling rates, higher data transfer rates and a large board memory.
  • Both Model Support Analog input, in addition to digital input.
  • Both models Are truely remote solution, in that they do not depend on availability of LAN or WIFI network, for operation. They Support an in-built GSM/GPRS Module. They Can Also Function in Quasi-remote Configuration(Availability Of LAN)
  • Capture Remnote W2420 offers a higher level of availability, with support for remote system Configuration, and support for a Redundant Power supply (RPS) module.
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