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1st March 2015
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Condition Monitoring Services:
Laser Alignment Services
In-Situ Balancing - Blowers, Fans, Impellers
Thermography Services
Ultrasonic Inspection - Pressure/ Vacuum Leak Detection
Streamlined Reliability Centered Maintenance (SRCM)
Online/Transient Vibrate Monitoring Services
Lubrication System
Installation of Expansion Joints
Vibration Monitoring - Data Collection
Vibration Monitoring - Analyzing / Reporting
Motocare, Gencare & Cable Specifications:
A) On-Line Motocaretm & Cable Specifications:
Electrical Signature Analysis
Vibration Analysis
Acoustic Emission Analysis
B) Off-Line Motocare & Cable Specifications:
Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Dielectric Discharge Ratios
DC Winding Resistance
Winding Circuit Analysis
Stator Surge Comparison Test
Tan Delta & Capacitance Analysis
Partial Discharge Analsysis ...≥ 1000 kW &/or 13.8 kV
Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope Test Synchronous motors only
C) Gencare Specifications:
Inspection and testing of generators
Installation of Generators Online Partial Discharge monitoring System
Repair of Generators
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