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15th January 2015


Our Thermographic Surveys come with FREE technical reports, giving an analysis of the results – and any recommendations for remedial action. The reports include infrared and optical images of the Joints. To book your Free Thermographic Survey and avoid the risk of a costly Expansion Joint failure - Ring +966 500666311

Know the state of your Joints

Fabric Expansion Joints in Gas or Coal Fired Power Stations need to be replaced many times over the life of the plant, so it’s essential to keep a check on their condition to avoid the risk of an emergency shutdown and all the associated downtime costs.

Why Thermographic Survey?

Carrying out visual checks alone could mean it’s too late by the time any damage is spotted. Another haphazard approach is to take a series of spot readings of the temperatures on the Expansion Joints, which again can miss crucial indications that something’s wrong. The most effective way is to have a Thermographic Survey carried out using an infrared camera that can check all Expansion Joints are running within their design temperatures.

Leave it to the Experts

Hiring a contractor simply to carry out a Thermographic Survey without the expertise to interpret the results can raise more questions than answers. This is where James Walker Townson’s service comes in. Being experts in the design, manufacture and installation of Flexible Expansion Joints and Bellows, we know what the results mean and what action, if any, needs to be taken.

If your Expansion Joints fail

James Walker Townson also offers a 24 hour Emergency Hotline for anyone with urgent cause for concern about the state of Expansion Joints at their plant. This Free phone Hotline is manned by professional engineers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and guarantees a visit by a highly qualified James Walker Townson engineer anywhere in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia within 24 hours.
The Hotline to ring is +966 500666311

P.O.Box –1017 - Dammam – 31431 – Saudi Arabia | Tel No. 0138822299 | Fax No. 0138827027
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