Technical Sales Division - Services

  • Data Collection and Vibration Analysis of different rotating equipments
  • Laser Alignment Services
  • Thermography Services
  • Onsite Balancing of Blowers , Fans, Impellers
  • Oil Analysis & Modal Analysis
  • Annual Predictive Maintenances Services
  • Ultrasound Maintenance Techniques for leak detections
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis and Asset Efficiency Optimization
  • Plant Assessment and Maintenance Strategy Improvement
  • Proactive reliability Maintenance (PRM)
  • Streamlined Reliability Centered Maintenance (SRCM)
  • On-line MOTOCARE includes Electrical Signature Analysis, Vibration Analysis and Acoustic Emission Analysis
  • Off-line MOTOCARE includes Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Dielectric Discharge Ratios, DC Winding Resistance, Winding, Circuit Analysis, Stator Surge Comparison Test, Tan Delta & Capacitance Analysis, Partial Discharge Analysis and Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope Test
  • Online Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems
  • Inspection, testing, installation and repair of Generators
  • Rewinding of High Tension Coil for Motors & Generators
  • Installation & repair of expansion joints (Fabric, Steel and Rubber) for turbines, pipelines, generators, compressors, boilers, economizers
  • Bolt Tensioning solutions
  • Calibration/Upgrade of workshop Balancing Machines
  • Vehicle Management Systems
  • Online Monitoring for UPS System
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring
  • Actuator Control Panel
  • Crane Load Moment Indicator
  • Installation of sensors, JBs, cables & VMS systems
  • VMS Cabinet integration
  • Site testing and commissioning activities for GIS, Power Transformer, Relay and Control Panels, MV Switchgear & Auxiliary Transformer
  • Site Modification activities for Relay & Control Panels and MV Switchgear
  • Design, Supply and Commissioning of UPS and Battery Room Alarms and Event Monitoring System and integrate these alarms in a server at a centralized location
  • DMS/ Electronic Content Management (ECM)
  • MS Practice
  • Digital Cass Room

Full fledged maintenance courses - technical and management oriented run by well-qualified instructors from SKF Reliability Systems. Technical courses include Vibration Analyst Level I, II & III, Bearing Technology and Maintenance, Root Cause Bearing Failure Analysis, Precision Shaft Alignment, Infrared Thermography, Static and Dynamic Motor Monitoring, Introduction to Asset Management, and many more…

Move Data instead of moving people – in today's world and for safety of people our remote diagnostics center (RDC) is the solution

Successful rotating machinery operation relies heavily on knowing its real in-depth condition. When you have this information at your fingertips, you have a reliable safety margin for planned shutdowns and preventative maintenance..

RDC interprets critical machine data to improve machine efficiency.

The benefits of a successful predictive maintenance program are well known, from reduced maintenance and operations costs to improved asset availability and reliability and reduced unplanned downtime.

Remote Diagnostic Services provide a fast, easy and cost-effective way for you to enjoy these benefits. Combining advanced analytical tools and our expert knowledge and experience, we analyze your machine condition data, generating easy-to-understand reports that can help you optimize the reliability of your assets, improve maintenance planning and avoid unplanned downtime.

In this way, our Remote Diagnostic Services Centre helps users make more informed decisions, allowing them to improve machine health.

We use cloud-based technology to deliver these remote diagnostic services from locations across the world. Experts use advanced signal analysis techniques to analyze machine data. From this, they generate reports and make recommendations. Data is always accessible via the cloud. Using this data to make timely changes can help avoid bearing damage and extend bearing life.

These services are ideal for plants whose staff have limited training in predictive maintenance analysis, and for operations with sites remotely located from a central facility. They also help original equipment manufacturers provide a value-added service to their customers, which typically results in a significant decrease of unplanned maintenance costs.

Our custom set-up diagnostic interval reports provide current data on the precise condition of your equipment, and full recommendations regarding maintenance without the cost of onsite visits

Benefits include:

  • Lower risk of unplanned downtime
  • Create reliability benchmark based on past detection cases
  • Improved prognostic approach and maintenance planning
  • Increased data integrity, lower investments, and global, 24/7 access to reports and data

The benefits of Predictive Maintenance programs (PdM) are widely recognized among industries, but getting an effective implementationbecame complicated and costly process due to initial investment on equipments, software and expertise analyst.

Our Remote Diagnostic Services is a much easier, more cost-effective solution and more informed decisions on your critical machines and just one click away, allows any company with Internet access to implement PdM program or to reduce thecost of an existing one.


  • Reduced capital investments
  • Increased machine reliability and availability
  • Lower operating and maintenance costs
  • Well aware on your asset health condition on regular interval
  • Increasedoverall equipment effectiveness
  • Supports equipment insurance coverage

We have highly effective Predictive Maintenance team adequately experienced and certified by professional bodies such as Vibration Institute, Mobius institute and BINDT.

We seek your nod toenable remote diagnosticson your assets:

STEP1: Expert will do initial survey of plant assets through online access

STEP2: Machine details will be gathered online inclined to analysis needs

STEP3: Data acquisitionwill be done as scheduledYearly
/Quarterly/monthly/bi-monthly/Weekly by your team or we suggest you to use the latest IOT devices to send data – details shared in separate message

STEP4: Expert Analysis and reporting

STEP5: Key Performance Indicato

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