Technical Sales Division - Services

  • Data Collection and Vibration Analysis of different rotating equipments
  • Laser Alignment Services
  • Thermography Services
  • Onsite Balancing of Blowers , Fans, Impellers
  • Oil Analysis & Modal Analysis
  • Annual Predictive Maintenances Services
  • Ultrasound Maintenance Techniques for leak detections
  • Root Cause Failure Analysis and Asset Efficiency Optimization
  • Plant Assessment and Maintenance Strategy Improvement
  • Proactive reliability Maintenance (PRM)
  • Streamlined Reliability Centered Maintenance (SRCM)
  • On-line MOTOCARE includes Electrical Signature Analysis, Vibration Analysis and Acoustic Emission Analysis
  • Off-line MOTOCARE includes Insulation Resistance, Polarization Index, Dielectric Discharge Ratios, DC Winding Resistance, Winding, Circuit Analysis, Stator Surge Comparison Test, Tan Delta & Capacitance Analysis, Partial Discharge Analysis and Repetitive Surge Oscilloscope Test
  • Online Partial Discharge Monitoring Systems
  • Inspection, testing, installation and repair of Generators
  • Rewinding of High Tension Coil for Motors & Generators
  • Installation & repair of expansion joints (Fabric, Steel and Rubber) for turbines, pipelines, generators, compressors, boilers, economizers
  • Bolt Tensioning solutions
  • Calibration/Upgrade of workshop Balancing Machines
  • Vehicle Management Systems
  • Online Monitoring for UPS System
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring
  • Actuator Control Panel
  • Crane Load Moment Indicator
  • Installation of sensors, JBs, cables & VMS systems
  • VMS Cabinet integration
  • Site testing and commissioning activities for GIS, Power Transformer, Relay and Control Panels, MV Switchgear & Auxiliary Transformer
  • Site Modification activities for Relay & Control Panels and MV Switchgear
  • Design, Supply and Commissioning of UPS and Battery Room Alarms and Event Monitoring System and integrate these alarms in a server at a centralized location
  • DMS/ Electronic Content Management (ECM)
  • MS Practice
  • Digital Cass Room

Full fledged maintenance courses - technical and management oriented run by well-qualified instructors from SKF Reliability Systems. Technical courses include Vibration Analyst Level I, II & III, Bearing Technology and Maintenance, Root Cause Bearing Failure Analysis, Precision Shaft Alignment, Infrared Thermography, Static and Dynamic Motor Monitoring, Introduction to Asset Management, and many more…

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Division Manager
Mr. Wajid Basha
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The Company engaged in diversified fields of activities, viz. Contracting, Trading, Providing Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Services, etc.