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Technical Sales Division

One of the longest-established members of the Al-Najim Group, this division supplies engineered products to the Oil, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power Generation and Distribution Industries etc., through its representation of leading engineering companies from different parts of the world.

Technical Sales Divison supplies a wide range of plant and equipment to leading customers in Kingdom, as well as specialized services in the field of maintenance, in close coordination with its principals. This Division is also able to provide after sales back-up service in Kingdom through our Electrical/Mechanical Workshop Division and Fiberglass Division which produces customized Spooling and Fiber-glass Pipe Fittings in Kingdom.

Complete Fiberglass Pipe installation supplies are undertaken including supply of various types of pressure pipes [Epoxy, Vinylester, Polyester, etc.,] complete with fittings, jointing materials.

This operation specializes in site works involving Field joints, installation of Pipe Spools & Fittings, etc., as well as carrying out major repairs on existing installations. Another area of specially is Fiberglass lining on a wide variety of surfaces like steel/concrete tanks, structures, etc., to provide an excellent corrosion/erosion barrier.

Technical Sales Division, has exclusive agency agreements with more than 20 international engineering companies, including


AP Sensing - Advanced photonic

AP Sensing offers intelligent DTS (distributed temperature sensing) solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. Our expertise is based on over 20 years of optical measurement leadership from HP and Agilent Technologies.

At AP Sensing we believe that innovations should serve customer needs, like top quality, ultra-reliable performance, and a long product life. Our 25-year heritage as the world leader in optical test (from Agilent and Hewlett Packard), our numerous technology patents, and our passion for customer satisfaction are your guarantees for success.

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Bopp & Reuther

As one of the leading manufacturers of safety valves, we assist ambitious branches and exacting customers with economic and safe solutions. Our performance does not at all end with the delivery of our products. Bopp & Reuther offers extensive services during all stages of the product life cycle - from the specialist mounting in any site of the world over the instruction and training of the operating personnel until the spare parts service worldwide. Here, we carry out regular maintenance activities with the same professionalism as reconstructions and repairs. Due to most up-to-date robot technology we are able to perform many operations directly on site. This saves time and costs. You can reach us 24 hours a day, we are quickly on site and only leave once your installation works again.

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Diagnostic Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Diatech was formed in 1990 by Mr. S. D. Korde, who had a vision of meeting maintenance engineers requirements for someone to take up motor & generator overhauling at site.

S. D. Korde started his career in 1963, as a plant engineer at the Dhuvaran Thermal Power Station. Later, he worked with Crompton in manufacturing large motors & Evans Electric in rewinding of motors & generators. He has spent over 45 years in this field.

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DVG Automation

Our design and manufacturing activities are being managed in accordance with the highest quality, international standards and through the employment of the most sophisticated tools.

DVG has implemented the ERP SAP® - R3® Management System, developing in particular the "Engineering to Order" Module, which allows a severe though flexible management of both the activities connected with the job orders, and the operations linked with the accounting and/or logistical flows.
Each offer is prepared with the support of a precise Sizing Torque Calculation Program (developed by DVG), which selects the actuator model the closest to the Customer's Technical Specifications.

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NASICO partnered with Forefront Solutions & Consultancies Pvt. Ltd. (India), to create an IT and IT enabled services & solution providing customer-driven organization committed to service and support.

Focusing on integrated document & content management, business process automation, consulting services, ERP and GIS, we provide our customers with improved access to information, increased process efficiencies and greater governance, risk and compliance to enable our customers to operate at their fullest potential.

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Being the world leader in meeting severe service valve and control needs of our customers through excellence of product and services provided by a team of highly motivated severe service experts. As the world's leading supplier of severe service controls, CCI strives to expand its outstanding portfolio of products and services. CCI Italy (formerly STI) designs and produces linear pneumatic actuators and accessories for severe service and develops accessories for actuators.

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IMI Maxseal
IMI Maxseal is an extremely high quality brand of stainless steel solenoid valves, designed and manufactured with reliability and integrity in mind. IMI Maxseal valves have performed exceptionally well in harsh environments all over the globe for over 50 years and are traditionally associated with offshore oil & gas applications, but are also used onshore, particularly in coastal environments where a fully stainless steel construction is advantageous.

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IMI Norgren
With over 80 years industry experience, the IMI Norgren brand includes a wide range of high quality pneumatic and fluid control products such as actuators, air preparation products, pressure switches, fittings and valves.

The IMI Norgren brand is broad in range and specialist in nature, covering everything from pneumatic actuators and air preparation, through to proportional valves and high pressure regulators.

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Orton is an international leader in the manufacture of triple eccentric metal seated valves and rubber sealed butterfly valves for any industry.

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IMI Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH

It provide the industry’s highest accuracy, highest reliability flow measurement technology, equipment, engineering, service, sales, support, and distribution.

Since 1992, our wide range of high-performance valves has been included the products of the Th. Jansen-Armaturen GmbH for the applications Iron & Steel, Power Plants and Water Management as well as those of the former FRIATEC-Rheinhütte GmbH & Co. for the applications Chemical and Petrochemical Industry and Gas.

Continuously improving our valves made us to one of the few worldwide acting specialists for some challen - ging application areas, as for example the pig-iron extraction or the ethylene production.

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IMI Truflo Rona SA

Truflo Rona is committed to developing and marketing new products based on customer needs.

Truflo Rona regularly reviews its product lines and surveys customer requirements and specifications to ensure effective additions to, and strengthening of its product range.

The Research and Development department controls a suite of test facilities which includes hydraulic, gas, cycle, vacuum and cryogenic testing with provision also for prototype manufacturing.

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IMI Z&J Technologies GmbH
The main part of our core business is to manufacture high-quality and reliable valves for severe application in the Iron & Steel-, Glass-, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries. We will continue our specialization in equipment and components for the Glass Industry, similarly we will continue the special plant supply, in particular, “Energy Recovery Turbine Units“ and “No-Bell Tops“ for Blast Furnaces in the Iron & Steel Industry.

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INECO ( ENG ) Ltd., U.K.

A complete systems engineering company offers Hot, Cold and Acoustic insulation, Rubber lining of all equipments, pipes & tanks, refractory engineering, ceramic lining, fire proofing, acid proofing, pipeline protection & anti corrosive treatments.


James Walker Townson, U.K.
Manufacturer of expansion joints for hot and cold conditions. Fabric joints, rubber joints, metallic joints are manufactured to tailor made designs to suit to the process and plant conditions. Have proven track record for supplying to major OEMS, boiler manufacturers etc.

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Land Instruments International
The world's leading specialists in the design, manufacture and application of infrared temperature measurement systems. As innovators and producers of high quality thermometers and process imaging systems for over fifty five years, Land's position is unrivalled.

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MAXIMATOR GmbH delivery and service programme comprises, air-driven fluid pumps, pressure intensifiers, gas compressors, hydraulic systems, test rigs and pressure generating units as well as gas-assisted and water-assisted systems (GID / WID) for the plastics industry. In addition, components such as valves, pipes and gauges, pressure tanks, systems and equipment are developed and manufactured. These products are employed in a lot of process engineering applications

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PAT Kruger Systems b.V The Netherlands
PAT Kruger Systems b.v The Netherlands. PAT Kruger, Holland and Germany specializes in design, manufacturing, installation and after service for the crane safety system, truck weighing system, traffic monitoring system.

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Primary Flow Signal (PFS)

It provide the industry’s highest accuracy, highest reliability flow measurement technology, equipment, engineering, service, sales, support, and distribution.

With headquarters and manufacturing in the United States and Canada, PFS leads the North American market, and extends its global reach to all continents. We specialize in pressurized and open channel flow metering applications, and all types of line fluid (i.e., steam, gas and liquid, as well as solids-bearing) measurement solutions. Our versatile technology serves a wide variety of functions critical to our everyday lives and comfort, e.g.: municipal water and wastewater delivery, industrial service, chemical processing, power generation, as well as oil and gas extraction and management.

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Petrosafe Safety Systems (PSS)

Mechanical Interlocking safety systems are innovative approaches to help eliminate human error in the complicated process piping loops where multi valves are placed in the piping network. Valve interlocking systems are already used globally and adopted in the design by the equipment designers. Interlocking systems are very important component of safety consciousness in process plants.

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Richter manufactures and markets plastic-lined magnetic drive and mechanical seal pumps, shut-off, control and safety valves. The company's success is based on innovative products with high operational reliability, customer proximity and sound advice.

All the company's activities are incorporated in a quality assurance system to ISO 9001/EN 29001.

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SKF Bearings, units and housings
SKF started with an innovative bearing, and to this day is still a world leader in the design and manufacture of rolling and plain bearings. Here you will find our full assortment, including a wide variety of bearing units and bearing housings.

Ball bearings SKF ball bearings come in a wide variety of types, designs, series, sizes, variants and materials. Depending on the bearing design, SKF ball bearings are available in four performance classes.

Roller bearings SKF roller bearings come in a wide variety of types, designs, series, sizes, variants and materials. Depending on the bearing design, SKF roller bearings are available in four performance classes.


SKF Lincoln
Lincoln Industrial is a leader in the design, manufacture and supply of highly engineered lubrication systems, tools and equipment. The Lincoln Industrial brands, incorporating Lincoln, Alemite and Reelcraft have been closely associated with lubrication, and the company has remained at the forefront of innovation to meet the most demanding needs of its customers. Sales are mainly generated from automated lubrication systems and related products. A major end market includes Oil & Gas, Mining, Rigs, Power, Cement, Paper, Steel & Other Metallurgical Industries, ports, Glass, food & beverages.


Sewon Q&Tech Co. Ltd, Korea

Since incorporated in 1976, SEWON Q & Tech Co., Ltd. have developed various type of venting devices & safety devices.

Sewon's Pressure & Vacuum Relief Vents and/or Flame Arresters are reliable, and well designed to protect storage tanks which may increase internal pressure caused by internal or external thermal effects, atmospheric pressure change, control valve failure, and exposure of the tank to a fire.

SEWON have not only supplied its high quality products to shipbuilding, heavy machinery industries, petrochemical plants and nuclear power plants but also provided technical solutions to the needs of customer.

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SKF–Reliability systems
  • Condition Monitoring and Analyzing(Portable and Online Vibration System)
  • Vibration sensors - Accelerometers, Eddy Probes, Temperature, Position, Speed
  • Lubrication System - Automatic Oil and Grease units, Storage System, Centralized Lubrication
  • Laser Alignment Tools - Horizontal, Vertical, Machine Train, Cardan Shaft, Thermal Growth, Geometrical, Parallelism etc
  • Thermography - Thermal Imaging Camera,
  • Balancing Machine - Insitu , Ma/c
  • Maintenance Products- Oil/ Grease Check Meter Stroboscope, Boroscope, Bearing Mounting/Dismounting Tools, Tachometer, Shims etc.
  • Reliability Maintenance Institute - Onsite and Public Trainings
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Sulzer Dowding & Mills
A company engaged for more than 75 years in reclamation and reconditioning of large motors, compressors, turbine parts, balancing dynamic and static, rotors, coils etc.

Electro-Mechanical Services

With a full range of services for electrical rotating equipment from inspection to coil manufacture, complete rotor and stator rewinds, as well as remanufacturing, Sulzer makes sure your equipment runs reliably. Rapid response and prompt turnarounds are our key strengths.


VRV S, Italy

VRV equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the specifications of most globally recognized major licensors... VRV S.p.A. is an industrial company – established in Milan and successively moved to Ornago in 1974, where it is still present – which has been operating for 50 years in the design and manufacturing of pressure equipment for chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and power industry, for three production divisions

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VibroSystM Inc.

VibroSystM is a one of a kind supplier of measuring and monitoring systems for hydroelectric, turboelectric, mines and large motors turbine-generator sets. No other instrumentation manufacturer offers such a broad range of solutions designed specifically for hydro, turbo or motor machinery. 

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